Retreat at Krishnamurthi foundation India

I recently attended a residential retreat at the home of the late J. Krishnamurti, Vasantha Vihar, here in Chennai. I have to make you clear about this blog is not intended to publicize or promote anyone’s personal views on philosophy or spirituality.

I was invited to meet up at the KFI on greenways road for the residential retreat from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. I stayed at the vasantha vihar for the whole weekend and it was one of the blissful two nights and three days of my life. I knew where it was but surprisingly had never gone in before. I arrived at Friday evening and walked in through a winding tree lined mud track and as I walked the traffic noises fell away with each step. Suddenly this beautiful white building came into view through the trees. It was fronted by a lush green lawn - such a rarity in my city. The huge trees all around and that lawn was just a great place to be.

Vasantha Vihar, which is the name of this building, was the house in which J. Krishnamurti stayed when in Chennai. It now houses an archive and library and is open to the public. The library has hundreds of books on krishnamurthi’s works and limited to Zen Buddhism, Taoism and mindfulness. 

The grounds are large and have guest houses, a book shop and a lot of green space which is such a needed lung in the heart of the city. What struck me most that evening was how peaceful it was. Visitors came and went, but maintained a respectful silence and no one bother others. The usual Indian curiosity wasn't there in the people.

I got the chance to meet up with wonderful group of people in the retreat from around the world. I expected lot of mediation and life coaching when I walked in (which never happened) and did spent quality time on  listen to videos & audios of krishnamurthi and discuss with the group of fifteen about Krish’s teachings, spiritual views & life skills.

Krishnamurti accepted neither followers nor worshipers and regarded the relationship between disciple and guru as unhealthy. He accepted gifts and financial support freely from people who were inspired by his work, and continued with lecture tours and the publication of books and talk transcripts for more than half a century.  
For me it was a thrill just to walk the same earth and breathe the same air as a man who by most accounts was a great inspiration to many, whose legacy remains vital in the books he has written and in the countless speeches he has given around the world. 

The retreat is about krishnamurthi’s teachings. However I would recommend you to visit the place and stay in silence for a day or two to enjoy the greeny and peaceful surrounding in the heart of Chennai ! 

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