Two Golden Temples - Bylakuppe and Sripuram

Bylakuppe - Buddhist Golden Temple:

Golden temple as popularly called as, is situated just 6 Kms from the town of Kushalnagar and 35 Kms from the Madikeri. Karnataka .   Timings: 07:00-20:00 (All days)  No entry fee

Golden temple is the most famous attraction of the Bylakuppe settlement. Golden temple gets its name “Golden” because of the golden paintings above the monastery. The monastery or the Golden temple from a distance looks like a replica of a typical Tibetan monastery.

Golden temple does not look so vast from outside but once you enter inside the temple, it looks very grand in nature. The ceilings are situated very high because of the three statues of lord Buddha, 40 feet in height called Padmasambhava, Buddha & Amitayus. You can sit in the buddha temple hall as long as you wish. 

It is mandatory to maintain silence inside the temple. The normal tradition includes burning a incense stick inside the temple; sitting on the carpet and feeling spirituality. The floor are made up of the marble and mostly covered with the carpet. While the side walls are full of Tibetan paintings showing Gods and Demons.

Sripuram - Lakshmi Narayani Temple: 

This is Lakshmi Narayani or Mahalakshmi temple coated with gold both interior and exterior.About 1.5 tonns of gold has been used and Rs 600 crore is spent to build the temple covers 55, 000 sq ft. Situated in Sripuram, near Velore. Temple timings: 07:00AM to 9:00PM 

Restrictions: Mobile phones/cameras not allowed. Need to submit at the special counter and get the receipt or keep them in your car. Girls with mini skirts(even if the age is 6-8 Yrs) are not allowed to enter the temple. In this case, you need to buy a cloth from the nearby shop located in temple premises(security persons will suggest where to buy and what to buy).

Entrance/Darshan Fee: Free entrance/Rs 150 /Rs 250. With Free Darshan, you have to walk through the queue complex just like in Tirupati, It will take 2-3 Hrs.With Rs 150, you will skip the queue complex and directy enter the temple, but you need to walk through the star shaped path to reach the main temple.With Rs 250 Darshan, you will be allowed to sit for 10 mins in the temple.

You have to pass through the two levels of security check inside the temple. People should walk through the star shaped path way to reach the temple. It is about 1.5 KM.The messages of'Amma' and quotes from Bhagavad Gita, Bible and Quran are displayed On either side of the pathway. Though the people's focus will be on the temple in gold. Temple is surrounded by water; I found coins, notes and even some visiting cardthrown in water.

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