Chennai Zen Buddhist meet up

This is a group for anyone interested in Zen Buddhism. Recently people are aware of Bodhidharma who was born in Kanchipuram went to China to spread Buddhism, practiced natural medicine and also who had taught martial arts to Chinese through popular Tamil movie. But what people are not aware was the Zen Buddhism was based on the teachings of Bodhidharma. This group is started by Mr.Chandrasekar who has been passionate follower of Zen Buddhism & teachings of Bodhidharma. He has been conducting zen Buddhism teachings for quite some years at Chennai and is keen to spread the awareness, teachings of Bodhidharma and Zen Buddhism for the benefit of the people

Mr Chandrasekar conducts the Zen community monthly meet up, Weekly zen meditation and share zen stories. 

Venue: JVL Towers, 117, Nelson Manickam Road, II Floor, Chennai
Contact Number: 9444902803

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