(Only) Buddhist temple in Chennai

There is no teacher like Buddha in this world to deal with intolerance, violence and materialism.
The only reason for existence of buddha's teachings even after 2500 years. Buddha statues are one found every where in the world and most destroyed statues in this world due to religious intolerance.

There is one formal Buddha temple with 18 foot statue in Egmore, Chennai. To my knowledge this is the only buddhist temple in Chennai now (2016 A.D). The temple is built and maintained by srilankan buddhist society and the well managed temple with guest house mostly serves the pilgrimage from Sri lanka who is visiting buddhist places in India.

Dont panic with 5-10 police men sitting in the gate of the temple for security, this is due to Tamil (hindhu) versus Sinhale (Buddhist) enmity that prevailing for centuries in the region. You have to act cool with the police men and introduce yourself with the purpose that you visiting the temple for few minutes. Poojai happens at 7 AM and 7 PM and there is monks (theravada) around to help you. You can donate to them and they show their return gesture by tieing the holy thread in your wrist by saying buddha suthra.  The calm and clean temple is located in a one-way and busy road. So park your vehicles and walk into the road.

Address: 12, Kenneth Ln, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008  (opposite to Egmore Railway station) 
Phone:044 2819 2458

He taught the cause of all things as also the means of cessation.

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