Tirupati Balaji is Buddha !

I clicked this picture in newspaper , the statue recovered from idol smugglers in South India.

This idol must be from the time of a century when Buddha was slowly converted into vaishnavite god tripathi balaji or venkateshvaraa / vishnu due to dawn of vaishnavism and dusk of Buddhism.

Fact 1: The idol is seated in Buddhist Dhyana mudra (the meditation mudra of typical buddha statue) 

Fact 2 :  The Chanku and Chakram on the either side of buddha/balaji statue.

The three jewels of Buddhism are :

1. Buddham saranam katchaami (denotes the Buddha himself, the teacher of dharma

2. Sangam saranam katchaami (refers to the group of monks who preach Buddha's dharma). 
To organise or call for the grouping of monks, sangu/changu (english: Chank) will be blowed.

3. Dharmam saranam katchaami (refers the teachings / verses from Buddha) .
Dharma Chakraa is the essence of buddhism and even present in Indian flag to indicate the buddhist past. 

To read more about Buddhist past of Tirupathi Balaji - Please visit: 

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